Phil DeCroos


Here is my portfolio of software projects.

Here are some of my favourites. 👇

Lunar Lander

Download & Play! The Code

Arduino Timer

The Code

Online Arcade

Try it Out! The Code


Try it Out! The Code

Thee Doors Game

I simulated playing the Monty Hall game a billion times using different strategies to test the statistics behind it. I also coded a bot that tries different strategies and learns which one works the best over time.

Monty Hall Problem The Results The Code

Calculator Chrome Extension

I made a Chrome extension that is a simple calculator that does basic arithmetic. It isn't live on the web store, but you can try a demo here 👇

Try it Out! The Code

Reverse Pong

In Hack the North 2020++, my team and I made a reverse version of the game Pong with Processing 3. I worked on game mechanics, the health feature, and the bot for 1-player mode.

The Sumbission The Code


A Python minesweeper game. Click "Run" below to play!

The Code

Tic Tac Toe

A Python tic tac toe game. Click "Run" below to play! (see if you can beat the bot I made)

The Code