Phil DeCroos

Hey, I'm Phil

A Mechatronics Engineering student at UWaterloo.

About Me

My name is Phil DeCroos and I am a Mechatronics Engineering student at UWaterloo from Cambridge, Ontario.

Some of my interests are:

I especially enjoy working on projects that combine different mechanical, electrical, and software components into one cohesive system.


My areas of skill include Design/CAD, coding, and building + testing.

In addition to my hands-on experience with skills such as welding, woodworking, and soldering, I have experience with these tools and languages 👇


I have done a wide variety of independent and collaborative projects spanning several different fields. Check out the Projects page to see them!

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In addition to participating in hackathons and design teams, I also have experience working in various fields. Here is my most recent position 👇

Design & Manufacturing Support Technician

I was responsible for inspecting custom mechanical and electrical parts for use in medical equipment, as well as coordinating the different teams to reduce delays in production.

For a more complete list of my experience, check out my LinkedIn profile!


I am currently studying Mechatronics Engineering at UWaterloo, in the 2A term.

In addition to studying in school, I have also done several courses on sites like LinkedIn Learning and SoloLearn to help me improve my skills in areas such as coding and CAD.